How updating your website helps your Google Ranking.

How updating your website helps your Google Ranking.

Keeping your website fresh with new and updated content is a great way to help boost your Google search ranking. 

Creating new content can be time-consuming, but updating existing content is a quick and easy SEO tip. By telling Google that your content is updated, you could see a spike in traffic. Here are some of the ways updating content can help your SEO.

1. Improving your click-through rate

For a lot of topics, information changes with the times and Google want to ensure that it serves up websites that would have current information. For this reason, Google will serve up sites with recent updates first.

2. Improving your content accuracy

Google has one objective in mind.. creating a great user experience. When small businesses first start with their website they are often focused on ‘what they do’ rather than ‘what a customer is looking for’. A potential customer may not be interested in how you started the business, but they would be interested in the benefits of using your service. Users are often looking at a few websites, so help them make a decision and tell them who your ideal customer is and what makes you different from your competitors.

3. Add Outbound Links

One way to make your content look more valuable to Google is to include outbound links to other articles, research, and websites. This tells Google that your content is full of rich information that could be helpful to users.

4. Include multimedia

Another SEO tip is to include different types of media in your posts and pages. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to have an image for every 200 words of content. Video is another great media tool that also creates a great user experience. Show potential customers how knowledgeable you are in your field or introduce a new service. We recommend our friends at Woods Media Lab for video content and James Pyne Photography for images.’

5. Optimise Your Text With Keywords

As I mentioned previously, often business owners focus on themselves when they create content and forget that a website is not for them, it’s for their customers. What are they searching for on Google to find you? Make sure your content mentions these important keywords. Stay clear of industry jargon that customers won’t understand and use a language that helps them understand if your products or services are for them.

Google Trends is a great tool to check which keywords are the most popular in your industry. For example, in Victoria, the search term Mortgage is more popular than Home Loan. This is a free tool, so jump on and check it out.



How updating your website helps your Google Ranking.



How updating your website helps your Google Ranking.



6. Share Your Content

Once you have updated your pages or posts, make sure you share them! These create valuable backlinks to your site which tells Google that people are interested in your content. Share the links to your website pages in social media posts and email marketing. Every time you share your web page it helps.



How updating your website helps your Google Ranking.



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